The self-paced copy course for

wanna-be copy-grinders,

sales-boosting baristas and hot + frothy content crushers! ☕️

I got you.

👉🏻 Sick of sipping away at your weak AF sales page, wishing you could brew up something irresistible?

👉🏻 Tired of creating captions that don’t caffeinate your content or your ideal clients?

👉🏻 Website copy looking less frothy and more floppy?

Sounds like you need to

Wake Up + Smell The Copy, honey! ☕️

Wanna-be copy -grinder, you're looking for words that hit different...

🤢 Writing website copy has got you

feeling wanky.

😒 Inspiring Instagram captions haven't been the order of the day for a while.

🤨 And sales copy? That's a brewing process you've been burned by

too many times...

You know that you should be creating all kinds of delicious copy for your beloved business, but when you sit down to create?


You've grabbed an espresso (or ten), scrolled IG for 'inspo' (for like, 3 hours), and yet you can't get those words down on paper for coffee!

But hiring a copywriter? That's not really on the cards right now. Or maybe you know you can do it yourself, but you just need a framework to follow, a mentor to guide you and a kick-ass club of copy-grinders to crack the whip(ped cream topping)

I'm Stephanie White

(no sugar) ☕️

6-figure copywriter to your fave service based biz babes and content crunching coaches.

I set up the By The Way Creative on my kitchen table after quitting my cosy corporate job. Since then I've scaled my business to create 6-figure years, 5-figure launches and a life I love using the copy hacks and hints included in this course.

In 4 years, I’ve generated hundreds of thousands in revenue for my Grande clients… and now I want to teach you how to brew up something tasty for your biz!

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the course! It's been beyond helpful and your advice has made everything so much clearer!

You're a true copy queen!"


I cook up copy day in, day out. So trust me when I say...

Your order's up and it's ready to take away! ☕️

Plan out your content ahead of time (you know, like that meal prep you keep saying you’ll do)

Write a bad-ass About Page (that doesn’t make you feel like a car salesman)

Nail your sales pages (in a way that makes people see your value, straight-up)

Write kick-ass sales emails that hit your audience right in the feels!

☕ AND conjure up magical Instagram captions that everyone wants to engage with


What you'll be brewing up inside...

☕️ 4 core modules

☕️ 4 BONUS modules

☕️ Your own private Facebook community

☕️ Lifetime course access

☕️ MONTHLY Q+A's with ME!


There's more bonuses!?

Lindsey Samson


Creating Engagement

Business and mindset coach Lindsey walks you through how to create engaging stories, reach new audiences and get your Insta game on lock!

Ayse Caglayan


Finessing Facebook Ads

Create, run and optimise Facebooks ads to light up your list, sell-out your services and get visible, like, everywhere!

Laura Coddington


Whizz Up Your Website

Build a website that stands out from the crowd, calls in ideal clients and screams super professional and mega profitable!



Lifetime access to Wake Up + Smell The Copy DIY



How long is the course?

There are 4 core modules and 4 bonus modules - the course is self-paced, but if you aim to do a module a week, you'll fly right on through!

When are the Q+A calls?

Your Q+A calls are hosted in your private Facebook community, once a month. You'll be able to submit questions beforehand, or live on the call.

How do you know so much about copy?

Ok, let’s start at the beginning. From 14-22 I ran a lifestyle blog with over 20k views per month. At university, I wrote for 2 digital magazines whilst studying for my BA in English Literature. After I graduated, I headed up the marketing department for a military tech company. 4 years ago I packed it all in to launch By The Way Creative. In 4 years I’ve more than quadrupled my income, hit 6-figures, funded 5+ trips abroad and now have a team of 4 fabulous ladies to support me – KAPOW! 

Why do you want to teach people how to write their own copy?

A valid question, mystery invisible asker. Sure, I write copy for a living – but not everyone can afford a full-on copywriter right off the bat. Look, I DIY’d a lot of my biz in the beginning – you have to! But what I don’t want to see is people procrastinating their copy because they think they can’t do it at all. That’s why I’ve created this course… so you can just go ahead and get started! 

What format are the trainings in?

The training sessions are pre-recorded videos with downloadable PDFs workbooks. You can fill these workbooks out on your laptop/tablet, or you can print them off. Either way, they are yours to keep with lifetime access to your modules!

How do I know if Wake Up & Smell The Copy is right for me?

If you’re a hard-grafter, creative entrepreneur, service provider, blogger or budding copywriter… then this is for YOU! If you’re ready to get your content calendar on lock and you’re social presence looking slickkkk as Rick… then this is for YOU! If you’re motivated to learn, grow, and leverage your content… then this is for YOU!


Private Facebook community and monthly Q+A copy coaching for just...